Special Snowflakes in a 90 degree heat

If you, for some reason, believe you will change the practice of law, you are completely deluded. If you, for some reason, believe you will march on in and leverage technology to change the way the average transaction occurs, you're out of your mind.

Before you even begin to comprehend what you just got yourself in to, take a long gulp of whatever alcoholic drink you have near you and answer the following questions:


  1. Are you prepared to suffer abject failure?  I mean total and complete financial ruin.  If the answer is no, then go get a job.  If the answer is maybe, then go get a job.  This legal space, at this time, is not for you.  It is for the very bravest and most insane and those are not mutually exclusive.  It is for those who would accept nothing short of enormous responsibility to pursue their total independence (I did not use the word dreams here, and you need take note of that.)
  2. If you are prepared to suffer the possibility, no, significant probability, of abject failure, then tell yourself, clearly, with defined terms, why in the name of Jesus you have chosen the life of a solo/small firm practitioner.  Is it for the money (we are all laughing at you.  All of us)? Is it because you will change the way law is practiced (we continue laughing, for you will do no such thing no matter how hard you think you will.)  Is it because you have no other choice (I believe this to be a finer choice, but it's still not good)?  Or, or, my little snowflake, is it because it's in your bones.  Is it because you could not possibly have someone tell you when you could or could not take a vacation?  Is it because no man/woman/transgender/whatever should tell you how much you can make in one year and determine the hours you should work.  Is it because you've worked for some shit boss and some shit job that's so jaded that he/she no longer cares about clients.  They are but retainers?  The teach you that clients are the means by which to make the HELOC payment on the over-leveraged vacation home.  If you want to rebel against this.  If you want to make the completely illogical choice of starting your own practice, then read on.

 This shall be nothing but unvarnished, unadultered, unedited viewpoints on the actual, real, business of small firm law.