You are not an Entrepreneur. You are a lawyer.

You are not an Entrepreneur.  You are a Professional. You are a lawyer.  It's critical you understand the difference.

An Entrepreneur is busy thinking of ways to grow their business to their core market and expand to other markets.  You are not.  You are likely doing loads of legal work and fishing for new clients. 

An Entrepreneur uses capital investment to try and grow their business, to then pay their investors back and continue growing the business.  You do no such thing as a lawyer.  In fact, you are prohibited from doing so. 

An Entrepreneur either wishes to grow their business and reap profits or to sell the business.  No one is buying your law firm.  You don't have a business to sell.  You are the business.  If you get hit by a truck, your business gets hit by a truck.

An Entrepreneur can pivot and switch into another area or market if she sees the winds are blowing that way.  You do no such thing as a lawyer.  In fact, it's bad for business to do so.

You are not an Entrepreneur.  You are a Professional(Lawyer).  Entrepreneurs don't obsess over reading every book printed on being a Professional.  Entrepreneurs don't discuss, ad nauseam, why they must think like a Professional to succeed. Entrepreneur's don't go to "Bootcamps for Professionals."   

Why is it that you obsess over calling yourself an Entrepreneur, trying to mimic every character trait you read about in Inc or Forbes, and run your "lean" legal practice like a business?  You don't have a business.  You have a law firm.  There is nothing wrong with that.  

Start acting accordingly.