"Raise Prices"

Tim Ferris interviews Marc Andreessen.  Take a listen.  MA is asked what he'd put on a billboard.  "Raise Prices" is his response.  Companies are so preoccupied with volume (more clients attracted by lower prices) that they become "too hungry to eat."  They'll take anything except what they're actually worth.  You can't hire that great salesperson, marketer, engineer, etc., and you're not making enough, so you cut costs more, and more, and more, instead of just charging what you're worth in the first place.  Race to the bottom


Lawyers are fascinated by the next existential crisis (tech/AI/LegalZoom), when the real battle is saying "No" to clients who try to knock down your fee.  How many lawyers are scared to do this?  How many say they think clients will never pay their fees if they raise them?  How many lawyers have actually tried?